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At Siltworm, Inc., we specialize in manufacturing high-quality erosion control devices that are easy to install and maintain. Our ready-to-use filter device is designed to effectively stop sediment and erosion in its tracks. What makes our product unique is our proprietary blend of 99%+ recycled, kiln-dried material, encased within a durable rolled netting that is lighter than many of our competitors which also allows for greater capacity per truckload. With Siltworm, you can achieve outstanding sediment retention while enjoying cost savings on labor, time, and equipment.


With our proprietary technology and commitment to sustainability, Siltworm products provide sediment retention of 97% or more. Discover why businesses choose Siltworm for their erosion control needs and how our innovative solutions can make a difference for you.

Cost Effective. Easy to install. versatile.

Siltworm can save you money on labor, time and equipment with its easy to install format that lays on the ground and can be easily maneuvered for applications from perimeter control to slope interruption.


Take advantage of our innovative solutions and experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable sediment retention, reduced erosion risks, and improved water quality. Choose Siltworm today and unlock the power of our eco-friendly, easy-to-install erosion control device for a wide range of applications, ensuring lasting protection for your project site.

Perimeter Control

Siltworm's erosion control device serves as a highly effective barrier, preventing sediment migration and erosion along construction sites and land boundaries. By strategically installing Siltworm, you can ensure that your project site remains protected while maintaining regulatory compliance and minimizing environmental impact.

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Hard Surface Protection

When it comes to safeguarding frozen ground and concrete surfaces, Siltworm is the ideal solution. Our erosion control device acts as a reliable shield, mitigating erosion caused by water runoff. By utilizing Siltworm, you can protect your surfaces from damage, prolong their lifespan, and maintain the integrity of your infrastructure.

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Inlet Protection

Stormwater inlets and drains play a vital role in managing water flow and preventing flooding. However, they are susceptible to sediment and pollutant ingress, which can lead to clogging and compromised functionality. With Siltworm's erosion control device, you can safeguard stormwater inlets and drains by effectively preventing sediment and pollutants from entering the system. Our solution ensures that your drainage infrastructure remains unobstructed and functions optimally, promoting efficient stormwater management.


Stockpile Protection

Protecting stockpiles of materials, such as gravel or soil, from erosion and sediment runoff is paramount to preserving their quality and preventing environmental contamination. With Siltworm's erosion control device, you can establish a dependable barrier around your stockpiles, effectively mitigating erosion risks and ensuring that your materials remain secure, intact, and ready for use.

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Ditch Maintenance

Siltworm's erosion control device plays a crucial role in controlling sediment and preventing erosion in ditches and channels. By implementing our solution, you can effectively maintain water quality, prevent sediment buildup, and ensure the smooth flow of water through drainage systems. Siltworm's reliability and efficiency make it the go-to choice for comprehensive erosion control in ditch check applications.

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Slope Interruption

Stabilizing slopes and preventing erosion is crucial for maintaining the safety and stability of your project site. Siltworm offers an innovative approach by strategically placing our erosion control device to interrupt the flow of water down slopes. This interruption effectively prevents erosion, minimizes sediment runoff, and safeguards the integrity of slopes, promoting long-term stability and sustainability.


miscellaneous Uses

In addition to the specific applications mentioned above, Siltworm's versatility extends to a wide range of miscellaneous uses. Whether you need to protect tree roots, sensitive areas like wetlands, or other vulnerable locations prone to erosion and sediment damage, Siltworm offers an adaptable and reliable solution. With our erosion control device, you can effectively shield and preserve these areas, maintaining their ecological balance and protecting their long-term health.

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a versatile and simplified device

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We look for businesses who put value into the partnership & the products they sell. We are passionate about Siltworm & believe our distributors further enhance our erosion control solution with their own products & services. In our on-going relationship, we will be committed to offer the support, tools & guidance you need in order to market and sell Siltworm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Siltworm is a ready-to-use filter comprised of a rolled netting filled with our proprietary blend of recycled, kiln-dried material. It allows water to flow through at a controlled rate while separating and retaining over 97% of sediment and pollutants. This ensures effective erosion control and helps maintain water quality.

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