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At Siltworm, Inc., we believe in identifying and building mutually beneficial business relationships with our distribution partners. In our on-going relationship, we will be committed to offer the support, tools & guidance you need in order to market and sell Siltworm.

What Sets Us Apart

High Quality: Our product is consistently manufactured with the same high-grade materials under the same standards every time to deliver superior results for our customers.

High Value: Through constant improvement in materials, processes, packaging, shipping/logistics, etc., Siltworm, Inc. is able to offer you a product that answers the call in performance and value.

Prompt Service: We know your ability to answer your customers in their time of need is what makes you an asset. We strive for the same.

Flexible Solutions: We understand your customers have varying and ever-changing needs. Siltworm works hard to flex to those needs and provide the best possible solution for you and ultimately your customers.


Why Choose to Sell Siltworm?

Performance: We take pride in our 95.06% sediment retention rate and our 96.17% hydrocarbon removal rate. We strive to continue to lead the industry in stopping sediment in its tracks. *Contact a sales representative for Siltworm’s latest test data.

Fill Material: Our material is clean and made of 100% biodegradable and recycled material. It is kiln-dried. It is specific.

Netting: Our material is rugged and durable. Your customer will appreciate the ability to move our products on and around sites without it easily tearing.

Packaging: Our pallets are effectively packaged for optimal transport and storage indoors and outdoors.

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