We are a manufacturing company focused on an effective, eco-friendly solution to EPA regulated erosion control.

At Siltworm, our mission is to mitigate erosion and control sediment while maintaining an environmentally friendly job-site. Founded by Joe Moore, who boasts 16 years of experience in residential and commercial construction, our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the field of erosion control.

Drawing from our extensive background, we developed a rolled filter product that is easy to install and with a proprietary fill that is not only more effective but also biodegradable. Over the years, we have worked diligently with third-party testing agencies to continuously improve our product, offering a more cost-effective alternative to traditional erosion control methods. The data speaks for itself - Siltworm technology is not just sustainable; it's a top performer in the industry.

As we've expanded our reach, our relationships with clients, distributors, and industry peers have flourished, evolving our small business into a nationally recognized company. Through this growth, we remain committed to our core passion: delivering a high-quality experience and product to all, while upholding our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Our Mission

Honor God. Provide Unlimited Opportunity. Impact the World. We achieve these by providing high value erosion and sediment control.

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We work with you to identify and assess your business’ issues, needs and customers’ desires to determine if Siltworm makes sense for you.

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Solution Development

Together, we will outline new opportunities within your existing business and provide a custom approach through bids, projects, retail and corporate sales.

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With your tailored approach and Siltworm at your side, you will be able to provide superior solutions to meet your customers’ erosion control needs.