BioWorm™, introduced by Siltworm™, is an eco-friendly, nature-based solution for erosion and sediment control, offering an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional filter socks. Its netting combats plastic microfiber pollution and is made from OEKO-TEX-certified fibers and textiles, ensuring sustainability and safety. BioWorm™ is cost-effective, boasting a 95% sediment retention rate and a nature-based netting that degrades naturally, balancing affordability with environmental responsibility.

Introducing BioWorm™: A Sustainable, Nature-Based Erosion & Sediment Control Solution from SiltwormTM

Eco-Friendly Solution: BioWorm™ stands as an eco-conscious alternative to traditional filter socks. Its netting effectively combats plastic microfiber pollution, complemented by OEKO-TEX- certified fibers and textiles that validate our commitment to sustainable manufacturing. When paired with our proven blend of kiln-dried/low-moisture wood material, featuring over 99% reclaimed content and IDEM approval for post-use land application, BioWorm™ blends durability and sustainability for your erosion and sediment control needs.

Proven Environmental Compatibility: Extensive third-party laboratory studies validate the effectiveness of BioWorm™ netting materials across various environments, including wastewater treatment plants, seawater, soil, and landfills. These studies align with ASTM standards and internationally recognized respirometry test methods.

Safe and Harmless: Certified by OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT®, BioWorm™ netting chemistry guarantees the safety of our sustainable textiles, eliminating health concerns. BioWorm™ is an environmentally responsible, non-toxic solution.

Value-Based Price Point: We're committed to making sustainability affordable. Leveraging Siltworm's™ efficient production and shipping methods, BioWorm™ is now available at a price point that minimizes the budget impact of adopting an eco-friendly filter sock solution.

Highly Effective, Eco-Conscious Solution: Highly Effective, Eco-Conscious Solution: BioWorm™ delivers a 95% sediment retention rate, as tested by Tri-Environmental using ASTM testing standards, with nature-based netting, all at a cost-effective price point. It's the ideal balance of sustainability and affordability.

Day 5


Day 30


Day 55

bioworm 2

1, 2, 3, 4 depict the natural netting degradation of BioWorm™ as a result of exposure to environmental factors, encompassing direct sunlight and repeated rainfall events.