What Sets us apart

Join us as a Siltworm Distributor

High Quality: Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Our product is consistently crafted using the highest-grade materials and adheres to the same stringent standards with every production cycle. This dedication ensures that our customers receive superior results, project after project.

High Value: At Siltworm, Inc., we are relentless in our pursuit of improvement. Whether it's refining materials, optimizing processes, streamlining packaging, or enhancing shipping and logistics, we continually strive to deliver a product that not only excels in performance but also represents exceptional value.

Prompt Service: We recognize that your ability to respond to your customers in their time of need is a key asset. At Siltworm, Inc., we share the same commitment to timeliness. We work diligently to provide prompt service, ensuring that you have the support and solutions you require exactly when you need them.

Flexible Solutions: We understand that your customers' needs can vary and evolve. That's why Siltworm is dedicated to adaptability, customizing our solutions to meet those ever-changing demands. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective, tailored solutions that ultimately benefit both you and your customers.

Why Choose to Sell Siltworm?

Performance: We take immense pride in our industry-leading sediment retention rate, consistently exceeding 97%. At Siltworm, we're committed to setting the benchmark for halting sediment in its tracks. For the most up-to-date test data on our performance, please reach out to one of our dedicated sales representatives.

Fill Material: Our fill material is not just any material; it's meticulously crafted to be clean and composed of over 99% biodegradable and recycled content. It undergoes a rigorous kiln-drying process, ensuring exceptional quality and specificity in its composition.

Netting: Our netting material is engineered for toughness and durability. Your customers will appreciate its ruggedness, as it allows for easy movement and positioning of our products on and around sites without the worry of tearing.

Packaging:  We take the same level of care with our packaging as we do with our products. Our pallets are expertly packaged to maximize the amount of material that can be shipped while facilitating facilitate seamless transport and storage. Our packaging includes rain caps to protect the product whether you are storing indoors or outdoors. This attention to detail ensures that your Siltworm products arrive in pristine condition, ready to perform at their best.